A Detacher Hair by Kien Hoang


A Détacher's Fall/Winter 2017 collection featured clothing inspired by the Victorian Era with a surprise punk edge. Kien Hoang used Oribe Hair Care to masterfully craft a fuzzy, worn-in, unkepmt roll exxagerated—in all the right ways—by doll-like makeup.

Get the Look:
1.To create the braid base, divide the hair into four sections. Spray each section with Maximista Thickening Spray and braid.
2.Spray the remaining sections with Impermèable Anti-Humidity Spray before crimping and weaving into a figure 8. Allow hair to dry and undo.
3.Roll each section back into a Victorian roll and secure. Rub Swept Up Volume Powder Spray (launching April 2017) into the base of each section to build volume.
4.Finish with Free Styler Working Hairspray (launching April 2017).

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