Absolute Mahogany from 1821 Manmade Review from Salon Service Group

By Gerald White

1821 Absolute Mahogany Wash Product Spotlight

In this Product Spotlight episode, Oliver talks about the new 18.21 scent, Absolute Mahogany. It's "absolute"-ly amazing😍Follow us on social media:Facebook:...

  • All new and absolutely a hit. Absolute Mahogany is our latest killer fragrance, inspired by oceanside shindigs and spring showers. ⁠

    This Fougère scent (one of the main families of fragrance, known for its masculine appeal) contains notes of: ⁠

    👉 Vibrant Italian Mandarin & Bergamot⁠
    👉 Velvety Cardamom⁠
    👉 Warm Cassia Bark⁠
    👉 Clary Sage⁠
    👉 Cinnamon Leaf⁠
    👉 Sensual Night-Blooming Jasmine⁠
    👉 Dark Virginia Cedar⁠
    👉 Rustic Mahogany Woods⁠
    👉 Tonka Bean⁠
    👉 Creamy Tahitian Vanilla Bean⁠
    👉 Go...