By Beaulet_CML

Vegans Pay Attention!

R & Co is moving towards a fully vegan brand in 2018.

"As a brand, we are determined to develop hair care that gives great results without using animal products. We are passionate about being on the opposing side of what is happening in our world today with the mistreatment of animals. The time is now to educate people that hair care without animal products does give amazing results,"

"Our  intention was for all of our product offerings to  be a vegan,however, we also wanted to ensure that our products provide superior  performance. For a small number of our products, we were hard-pressed to find vegan ingredients that would offer the attributes that we were looking for and opted to compromise with them being vegetarian. We are proud to say that now the entire line is vegan. Through the collaborative efforts of our product development team and formulating chemists, we have found viable replacements for animal-derived raw materials that still deliver on performance."

All R+co Vegan Products Can Be Found In Houston At WHITE 713.524.7100