By Beaulet_CML

Initially I intended to start this off by explaining that men and grooming products go hand in hand, until I realized guys and beauty are about the farthest thing from each other. No man I know, including my well-groomed boyfriend, enjoys going through the complicated process of looking good. If there was a one-step do-all that made hair soft, styled it, cleaned your face, prepped it, moisturized it and made dinner, guys would be all about it. Unfortunately looking good requires effort, but V76 by Vaughn is trying to make it as easy as possible. Created by celebrity, runway and editorial hair stylist Vaughn Acord, the eponymous line is made for men who want the quality of classic grooming products without having to lift a finger to get it.


Former international model Vaughn Acord traded in his catwalk saunter for scissors in 1976 and never looked back. Two years after beginning his hairstyling career he landed a campaign for Vidal Sassoon and Trevoe Sorbie, making him a recognizable name in the industry. In a career that has spanned almost four decades, Vaughn has worked on celebrities like President Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Al Pacino and Bruce Springsteen, has worked on runway shows including Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi and Marc Jacobs, and done editorial work in Time, GQ and Rolling Stone—basically this guy is good looking, perfectly groomed and knows what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to hair.


The next step after a career like that is of course to launch a collection of products. But he didn’t start a brand for the sake of getting his name out there—it needed to be classic but uncomplicated and cover real men’s needs, from hair loss to effortless styling. “I am proud to unveil this collection. I can say that I’ve been developing it over the past two decades of working with celebrities on set”, says Vaughn. “From custom blending different products to achieve the perfect texture or hold, I created a line that offers true beneļ¬ts and the highest performance with a simple, straightforward, uncomplicated lifestyle approach to men’s grooming.”

And while minimal effort is still needed (sorry guys), the line does its best to be uncomplicated and good for your health with products made from American-sourced ingredients, offers UV protection, is paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, petroleum free, gluten free and contains vegan and vegetarian formulas. Shampoos and conditioners can help moisturize, energize or brighten silvering hair, a line of styling products range from ultra-light moisturizing creams to stay-put molding pastes, mists work double duty to hydrate both skin and hair, a shaving line alleviates both pre and post shave dryness and a face and body collection quite literally work on both areas of the skin.

We tested some of the products out on my guinea pig boyfriend, who is notorious for having dry, poofy hair that won’t lie flat or stay styled for any longer than 15 minutes—10 if it’s humid outside. While the fragrance of the shampoos was nothing to write home about, he emerged from the shower with super soft hair that, to my dismay, felt better than mine. Spritzing a few pumps of the Hydrator Hair & Face Mist and a touch of the Ultralight Grooming Spray, gave a little hold, moisture and nourishment to his fine hair without weighing it down. One quick shower and a few quick sprays later his hair was looking better than it had in a while—not Ashton Kutcher good, but still pretty sexy.